Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Big, Fat, C

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Received the result of the test conducted last Monday. Coz it is a 'pop quiz', the test itself is a shocking one, but the results are the most awaited..hehehe...

3 weeks of holiday seems very unproductive for me. The test result illustrates that I don't really learn anything during that long break. 3 weeks full of enjoyment, and I realised, I didn't make use of the time wisely.

As the title said, yes, I got a BIG, FAT C grade for my p3 test. Yeah, C for Cake.

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And the worst case scenario happened. Mr Madhadzir announced to the whole class each of our grades obtained, and as expected, most of them are miserable, like me. (Except the two ladies who sit in front of the class)

I calculated my percentage, I got 69.3 %. Sedihnyeee....Another 0.7 % and I will get a B. But, what can I do? A C is a C. Have to accept that. No one can change that fact, even a silly mistakes will change your grade.

And Mr Madhadzir also scolded us, that we should make Wai Ming and Michelle as examples, in term of their calculations and solutions. Neat, x cincai and precise. And he also said in front of other people:

Huzaifah, camni la baru kemas, kalau cincai je, sikit la markah.

I realised that my solutions are messy, banyak pangkah2. It's an eyesore, really, I really think so. I'm on Mr Madhadzir's side. Exam are coming in just a few weeks, but the test results is really dissapointing. I really want to get a BIG, FAT A for my Mathemathics. But, without proper preparations, this will always be my fantasy.

Ade masa lagi....berubahlah Huzaifah......


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