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Jom Kenali MUSCOM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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The Musolla Committee (MUSCOM) of KYUEM is one of the major societies in this college. We deal with the religious affairs of the Muslim students, apart from conducting various events regarding public awareness. The Muslim individuals in this college are led by MUSCOM under the close supervision and guidance of the body’s advisors, Ustaz Malikie and Ustazah Husna.

Throughout the one-year tenure from 2006 to 2007, MUSCOM has had various successful events. One of the major events held was the annual Islamic Aspiration Week (IAW). Most of the activities held during this week reflected the theme of the event, “Science and Religion: Two Sides of The Same Coin.”

The annual MUSCOM second-hand book sale was also another successful event. The committee members worked extremely hard to collect books from the seniors who were leaving the college. MUSCOM sold the books at affordable prices to the juniors and fellow batch mates. The unsold books were donated to the Resource Center of KYUEM.We had also organized three blood donation drives throughout this term, which were held on the 4th of April, 3rd of May and 6th of September 2006 in collaboration with the Slim River Hospital. The participation of the students and staff each time was very encouraging. It is hoped that the drives have created an awareness among us about the importance of taking the responsibility to help others in need.

Another project was the charity visit to Rumah Solehah; a place accommodating children infected with HIV and to Rumah Aman; a charity house sheltering unfortunate boys aged three to seven. Sharing laughter and joy with the children had taught the participants the value of being thankful for what they have and the need to be generous to others. Indeed, the value of life is measured by the number of lives it touches.

Furthermore, we had also played our role in promoting important events in the Islamic Hijri calendar such as Ma’al Hijrah, Maulidurrasul, Isra’ wal Mi’raj, the coming of Ramadhan and the two Eids. Relevant activities like talks by outsiders, forums and games were held to promote these events, apart from strengthening the bond between the small society of this college.

The most successful event organised by MUSCOM was the Muslim Youth Camp, which was once again held in collaboration with Fitrah Perkasa; a prominent Islamic firm providing trained motivators and speakers. The aim of the three-day course was to nurture the fundamental values of Islam in the participants so that they could lead the true Islamic Way of Life.

All these events were made successful by the cooperation of five Syu’bah in MUSCOM. Apart from organising such events, the specific tasks for each Syu’bah include the production of ODYSSEY, the MUSCOM’s magazine and the weekly Nur Jumaat by the Multimedia Syu’bah. Articles were pasted on the MUSCOM board and these were weekly updated by the Special Task Syu’bah. The Economics and Welfare Syu’bah on the other hand had organized fundraising projects in the span of year, obtaining a net profit of over RM1500. The Usrah and Leadership Syu’bah worked hand in hand with the Musolla and Ibadah Syu’bah to organize activities at the college Musolla, Musolla As-Saad.

Musolla as-Saad

muscom 05-06 (males)

muscom 06-07 (males)

muscom 07-08 (males)

Kepada adik2 MUSCOM di kolej, harap dapat bersama2 menyambung mata rantai dakwah ini....


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